Gas Fires

There is nothing more appealing than cozying up to a flickering flame on a fire. Gas fires offer the relaxed ambiance of traditional fires without all the mess of a woodfire. From retrofitting into existing fireplaces to easily fitting into new homes, Gas fires will create a stunning centerpiece and bring a warmth into your home with a simple touch of a button.

Wood Fires

Is there anything better than sitting in front of a wood fire on a cold winter’s night?

We really appreciate the warmth and ambience of a wood fire, and we have several different looks, and sizes available for both inbuilt and freestanding models. Modern systems are much more efficient and clean-burning than older models. Our range are all Australian Made with a 10 year warranty.

Electric Fires

A NEW range now on display in our showroom

Gone are the days when an electric fire was the last option of a fireplace. Modern electric fires are now the pinnacle of design and the first choice for the discerning consumer who wants looks, ease of use and the latest technology.

Design opportunities are endless with Electric Fires, with single sided, two sided or three-sided applications.